Team Services

HockeyIQ is meant to provide teams with the most comprehensive understanding of their player's as individuals and as a unit. To do this we've developed our system to take all the guesswork out of interpreting the information we provide by filtering our assessment information through hockey minds before we deliver it to you. Our final deliverables are easily understood and hockey relevant which enables you to act with little confusion or excessive support on our end.

Our long-term objective is to develop a measure of "Team Chemistry" that is truly scientific. By taking into account the intangible elements of the game, measuring them and factoring them into all the other information that goes into team-building, we can help to improve performance.

This is what we offer:

Ala Carte Player Review

Single-Player Research and Consultation: We can provide information on a wide array of questions. From difficulty with coaching instruction, lack of execution, poor communication, even performance potential. If you've got questions about a player that your having trouble solving, chances HockeyIQ can give you some insight into the answers your looking for.

Customized Situational Assessment: An extension of the single-player assessment. If the team is looking to figure out the meaning behind the patterns of production with certain lineups, or trying to determine the best way to assess and develop the players on the bench, we can help. HockeyIQ gives insight into who works well with who, how players respond to different types of instruction, and the best way to manage your roster from a personality standpoint.

Draft Process Consultation

Select Prospect Assessment: If there is any player that you're particularly intrigued by, but want verification of his intangibles beyond the subjective interviews and inquiries, we can give you that.

Total Prospect Assessment: As an organization, you may want to refine your pre-draft workout process to include the most comprehensive information possible. HockeyIQ's intangible measurements can give you the complete picture on every prospect which will make it much simpler to rate them and determine who you need.

"War Room" Draft Day Consultation: If there are two or more players available at your draft slot that are similar in skill and athleticism, HockeyIQ can provide comparative analysis to help ensure the right choice is made. This service is the foundation of our 3 Bell Curves philosophy.

Total Team Assessment

The HockeyIQ Total Team Assessment includes a complete analysis of your organization, roster through coaching staff, to create a team profile that will give you the most comprehensive information possible.
  1. Full Roster HockeyIQ Assessment- Every player is assessed and a profile created for them.
  2. Coaching Staff HockeyIQ Assessment- Coaching staff is assessed to match their personalities with those of the team.
  3. PASS-SHOT-POINT Data Collection- A series of brief survey information to be filled out by the key decision maker, GM/President, to build out an organizational profile.
  4. Organizational Report- A comprehensive summary of your organization describing the findings of the team data as it pertains to possible pitfalls, advantages, or any other nuance that arises. This is based off of the organizational profile that you help to create and will give you insight into how every member of the team fits into that vision.

Full-Time Team Liaison

A HockeyIQ Team Liaison will provide services listed above and will be available for consultations or counseling. Customized inquiries and access to available assessments is also included.