Player Services

Becoming a professional athlete is not easy. Talent alone will only get you so far. At each level of competition the stakes get raised and the skills of the players around you increase. For those lucky enough to make it to the professional level, it'll take far more than natural ability to battle effectively and come out on top. Even with hours spent working on your game, there are situations that occur which you will have no control over. The opportunities given to you such as your role on the team, the depth of the roster, the style of team play, the coaches you play for, and the chemistry you form on the court with teammates, all of these things are beyond your control as a player.

But, what you can control is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses as a player and working to not only be the best player you can be, but working to put yourself in the best situations to succeed. Choosing the wrong college, hiring the wrong agent, and being drafted or signing with the wrong team can all effect how well you perform. The situations you put yourself in are going to ultimately determine how successful you are.

HockeyIQ is designed to give you the most information possible about what situations are going to help you maximize your potential. College and professional teams are going to analyze and dissect every aspect of your game. They want to know more than just your stat line, they want to believe that you're the type of player who they can rely on and possibly build their team with. That requires more than just physical skills.

This is what we offer:

Player Portfolio

Your player portfolio is essentially your hockey resume. The addition of the HockeyIQ is an element that no one else can offer. A complete report on the intangibles you bring to a team, such as work ethic, mental toughness and leadership.

Anyone that has a Myspace or Facebook account should be familiar with the concept of the HockeyIQ Player Profile. But, our profile is designed specifically to give teams the most comprehensive scouting report they can have. Teams are going to test you in every way that they can. Think how impressed they'll be when you show them the professionalism and maturity you have when you come ready to show them your own Player Portfolio with all the information they're looking for. Showing team's your understanding of the business side of hockey should go a long way toward making a great first impression.