Corporate Marketing Services

The Critical Core Dynamics are useful for more than just building better team chemistry. A player's marketability is also a facet of his personality. Sometimes the best players don't make the best spokesmen. While this becomes obvious through the course of time, it's important to identify future candidates as early as possible to build the most effective marketing campaigns. It's easy to identify the Sidney Crosby's from all the hype and notoriety that follow them throughout their young careers. But, at the earliest stages of development, when teenagers and tournaments are all you have to go off of, it helps to know if there's a truly marketable personality behind the production.

This is what we offer:

Marketing Potential Analysis

Three-Level Rating System- We organize the list of player participants into three specific categories of marketability based purely off their profiles. The ratings include grades of their most desirable qualities as well as the ones that present potential problems. The HockeyIQ can identify the key elements of a player's personality that make him exactly the type of person who will garner the public persona that makes for a marketable commodity.

It takes talent to make it in the NHL, but it takes charisma to become an icon. Our expertise can give you statistical certainty in your assessment. Consulting with us on which players are of the most interest will help you to build out more effective marketing campaigns by focusing on the key elements of importance.