HockeyIQ offers a number of different customizable service options that provide solutions for a variety of interests. We believe that identifying the Critical Core Dynamics serve a number of important facets in maximizing the potential of an athlete or organization. Understanding situational strengths and weaknesses helps to identify the best course of action for planning the important career moves during an athlete's professional lifespan. While team-building solutions are the core of HockeyIQ's services, we believe strongly that athlete training begins at the fundamental levels of development, which is as true for the mind as it is for the body.

Top athletes such as Lebron James and Alex Rodriguez swear by the benefits of sports psychology. HockeyIQ has been designed to give its clients a competitive advantage in all possible forums which goes far beyond basic counseling. Our aim is to take sports science to the next level by providing the learning tools that lead to better performance.

Listed below are the different areas that HockeyIQ provides consulting expertise in:

· Player Services
· Agent Services
· Team Services
· Spors Psychology Services
· Corporate Marketing Services