Agent Services

A central part of the HockeyIQ philosophy is our belief that all parties benefit from the sharing of information. The HockeyIQ Assessment & reports are an extremely useful tool for Agents to get a better understanding of whom it is they're representing. Communication and attention to detail is a central element of effective representation, but our information will provide you with a level on understanding that would normally take years to ascertain, if at all.

As an agent, you are constantly striving to place your clients in the most lucrative situation possible. During the course of your client's career, he'll typically have no more than two chances to reach the open market with maximum contract potential. So, placing your client in the best team environment for him to succeed in is an investment in his future worth. By working with our staff and the prospective team's looking to acquire your client's services, HockeyIQ can help to identify the situation that is most conducive to fulfilling his maximum potential as a rookie, Free Agent, or trade acquisition.

This is what we offer:

Relationship and Performance Analysis

  1. HockeyIQ Assessment for Agent/Client relationship: You'll get a full breakdown of your client's core strengths and weaknesses. This document will serve as a "roadmap" for what to expect from your client as your relationship moves forward.
  2. Player/Team Compatibility Review: We'll provide you with an overview of your client's performance potential based off of the team dynamics at play in each of his potential playing destinations. Having a HockeyIQ Consultant working with both parties eliminates much of the unknown factors involved in the process of changing teams.
  3. Individual Player Performance Consultation: As an organization designed around sports psychology, our staff is equipped to develop customized performance solutions that fit the needs and routines of every athlete. We can help to "coach" a player to be mentally prepared for the toughest situations.
Obviously there is more to contract negotiation than pure goodness of fit. But, by utilizing HockeyIQ to help in the process of team selection, we can help to ensure that all parties reach their highest level of satisfaction. When a player is put in the best position to succeed, he'll be happier and more productive, which will not only increase his market value, but also increase the team's satisfaction with his performance. The more return the team gets from its player the more willing they should be to spend for his continued excellence.