What is HockeyIQ?

The HockeyIQ is the name we have given to our study of the core personality characteristics that make professional athletes successful. Unlike many other personality assessment tools that are home grown and lack true scientific validity, our analysis is based off of testing procedures that have been developed and perfected over the last 35 years costing tens of millions of dollars in research and development to gain true scientific validity.

This clinical testing procedure has been utilized for 30 years to help sports teams, fortune 500 companies, special forces and others to quantify and predict success for high level key personnel. We are taking this proven testing system and using it to analyze the success of hockey players for their given roles in an organization. THIS IS NOT AN INTELLIGENCE TEST- this is a measurement of Critical Core Dynamics of a players personality and a roadmap to discovering what factors make relationships work.

In a salary cap driven system teams cannot afford to take a "wait and see" approach to signing players or hiring key personnel. Paying up front and hoping that a team member fulfills the role he is being paid for can turn into a multi-million dollar write off that cripples an organizations ability to move forward toward success. Finding out if your team's next big signing is going to bring to the table what you hope for is a decision that cannot be left to chance. By quantifying a players Critical Core Dynamics, we can provide a roadmap to making the right decision as well as showing what possible warning signs may be present for any given player, coach, or other organizational hire. KNOW WHO YOU'RE DEALING WITH BEFORE BRINGING THEM ONBOARD.

What Teams Need to be Successful

Listed below are general team relationships that help to form the cultural identity of every professional organization. At the core of our research data is the identification of the core dynamics that are most significant to team success, including:
  • Individual personnel - Player, Coach, Coaching Staff, GM, other Management
  • Player to player
  • Player to teammates
  • Player to Head Coach
  • Player to Coaching Staff
  • Player to Management
  • Coach to Management
  • Coaching Staff to Roster
  • Coaching Staff to Management
  • Management to Roster
  • Total Impact Study - Management, Staff, and Roster analysis to gauge team culture in order to fully understand roles, responsibilities, mentality, and direction.
The following relationships, though outside the main organizational infrastructure are also significant parts of building any team because of the influence and impact a player's representative can have on team building:
  • Agent to Player
  • Agent to management
Successful organizations have a singular vision that is supported from the ownership level and is ironed out, understood, and executed by the front office, coaching staff and players on the court. These decision making groups must have a clear understanding of what direction they are going in order to effectively execute that vision. Obviously, communication is central to each body of the organization effectively working together.

The coaching staff and management must be on the same page when determining what players to acquire and evaluating which players can fill the needed roles for the given system. Ownership must endorse the style and philosophy of the coaching staff as well as the building plan of the management in order for either body to be able to execute their respective game plans. Underlying all of this is the salary demands that must be worked with in order to fill all the needs of a team.

What can HockeyIQ do to help

What we provide is a deeper understanding thru precise and highly predictive data, of what makes these relationships successful. Each decision maker-owner through player- bring a certain mentality to their organization. These personalities all have specific core dynamics that can help to answer many critical questions, such as:
  • Ability to handle pressure and resist burnout
  • Capacity and ability to accept a well explained change in how things are to be done
  • The ability to make warm and lasting connections with people
  • Strong moral code/ Impulse control - ability to resist the various temptations of the pro sports lifestyle.
  • Predicting "Goodness of fit" between the personality of a player and the team/coach profile
  • Who is likely to show "work ethic" until they get a lucrative contract vs. someone who has true personal pride in workmanship.
  • Which player is narcissistic and how much so
  • Which player is a control freak to the point where they cannot relinquish control to other team members or cannot refrain from engaging in major battles for control with coaching staff and other players.
  • Which player has the greatest competitive spirit and which have the least desire to grow and excel.
  • Who is prone to high anxiety and depression.
  • Who has the greatest capacity to understand the "big picture" in terms of team concepts trying to be conveyed by others.
  • Who is a perennial malcontent and who is an active joiner in team identity.
  • Who has self confidence vs. false confidence- i.e. "bravado"

We can help a team to determine the answers to all of these questions and many more. We work with teams and agents to determine the approach that best suits the needs of all parties. Best of all, you can MEASURE how accurate we are and continually go back to the HockeyIQ in order to chart how players are performing relative to the expected results.

HockeyIQ: "Taking the Guesswork out of Guaranteed Contracts"

It is a well supported scientific belief that an individual is a product of both nature and nurture. No matter how great the coaching or how supportive the organization, nothing can change a person's inborn essential core characteristics once they reach young adulthood. The best approach from our research is to maximize the learning environment by KNOWING what that person's internal strengths and weaknesses are beforehand, rather than through costly trial and error. Mistakes in judgment on the so called "intangible" qualities, so vital to success, can translate into a crippling contract costing millions of dollars and years of time.

All the physical tests in the world won't tell you what's going on inside a player's head-with HockeyIQ, now you can know. Here is just one example from our research findings.We took a "pop-psychology" term and found out what it was really composed of.

Intangibles become Predictive Measurables
EGO: EGO: (by percentile grade)
A player's need to "be the man". · Dominance 93%
· Narcissism 60%
· True confidence 87%
· Center of attention 95%

The example above breaks down a typical pop psychology term "strong ego" and shows the scales that can be measured with HARD DATA. What we found from our research was that the term "ego" breaks down into four main predictive scales (need for dominance, need to be the center of attention, true confidence, and narcissism) The player measured with a strong ego (needs to be the center of the universe) vs. the narcissist, who in his own mind IS THE UNIVERSE.

We found most players that had strong egos to be very desirable players, while those who measured high on our three narcissistic scales to be UNCOACHABLE over the long-term. This is only one example of a common term that now has real predictive value (others include: work ethic, character, leadership, hockey sense, clutch play, ability to perform under pressure, etc.) that can be accurately quantified and predicted using solid measurable data. These measurements are only single player measures. We are also able to analyze the data collected to accurately predict TEAM IDENTITIES in order to determine team chemistry from an actual statistical viewpoint. This type of information makes it so much easier to add the "missing ingredient" to any given team.

None of this analysis is meant to replace traditional scouting, only to add crucial missing information that can give any team the competitive edge it needs. We welcome skepticism and questions about our methods and data-30 years of experience and our leading HockeyIQ web application can give your team the competitive edge. We feel we can answer any challenge.