The HockeyIQ Survey System

HockeyIQ uses its expertise in the field of performance evaluation by leveraging the expertise of the professionals who are most experienced in the sport, the client. We don't presume to know the intricate nuances that make each team unique. You are the expert when it comes to hockey, not us and we will never presume to know more about team management than those that spend their lives doing it. What we offer is a system to collect and quantify the information that is most vital to the success of a franchise. Our three main surveys: the PASS, SHOT, and POINT, are designed to collect information on the projections you have for your personnel, both players and coaches.

This information tracks production expectations, role responsibility, developmental learning curves, communication style, team environment, and player intangibles. The purpose of collecting this information is to develop a customized portfolio that is specific to your organization and its expectations. We gather this data and maintain it into our database in order to create a statistical measure of how well an individual's HockeyIQ fits your desired criteria. This gives you the most precise measure of "goodness of fit" between player, coach, and team. When used effectively and in collaboration with our staff, this data can be extremely accurate at predicting roles, coaching strategies, and player behavior-up to 94 percent accuracy. The three surveys make up the foundation of our "3 Bell Curves" philosophy.

What is the PASS Survey?

(Player Assessment and Satisfaction Survey)

The PASS Survey is designed to collect information on a player's physical abilities and the team's expectations for him in the present and the future. There are questions that ask about your satisfaction with a player's performance as well as the length of time you expect him to be a part of the organization and where you think he'll be production-wise as a player in the future.

All of this is designed to develop an expectation level of this player and his role on the team. This helps the organization to define the player, not only as an asset for the team, but as a building block for the future. Most teams have these things in mind when drafting or acquiring players, but by building out a measurable list of these qualities and expectations, HockeyIQ can measure that players ability to fulfill those projections by delivering the Critical Core Dynamics. We've all seen players who have the physical ability to perform a certain way, but are uncomfortable or unable to fulfill that role. HockeyIQ is designed to identify the reasons behind player performance so both team and player are put in the situation to succeed.

For the PASS Survey, we recommend that all primary decision makers complete the evaluation separately. We've found that one of the first issues that arise in an organization is that there are different expectations for a player coming from the President, GM, Asst. GM, Player Personnel Director, and Head Coach. Whoever is in charge of making decisions on your team's roster, getting everyone on the same page is typically a great exercise in communication and positive team building.

What is the SHOT Survey?

(Situational Habits and Objectives Tracker)

The SHOT Survey is designed to collect information about the overall team environment. It is a look at the coaching staff, team leaders, and other organizational decision makers in terms of their personal style and overall influence on team direction. There are questions about the media market, communication between front office and coaching staff, ownership objectives, and the atmosphere in the locker room.

The SHOT is a way to determine what it is like to play for the organization in order to determine whether or not a current player has the capacity to improve his performance, a Free Agent acquisition can be effective, or a rookie can make the transition. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a player beyond his physical talents. The intangibles that a player brings with him to a situation are often what determine how well he performs. Using this information in conjunction with the HockeyIQ, we can pinpoint a number of elements that will either help or hinder a player's ability to perform up to his potential.

What is the POINT Survey?

(Player Organizational Intangible Numeric Tracker)

The POINT Survey is designed to collect your subjective opinions on a player's intangible qualities. Every astute hockey talent evaluator is constantly trying to gauge a player's mental toughness or his work ethic in order to determine whether or not he can live up to his physical potential. The POINT Survey is simply a means of categorizing this opinion by rating these players on a ten-point scale.

The POINT Survey is a mirror of the categories that the HockeyIQ quantifies with numeric accuracy. It provides our clients with a confidential way to assess the system and for us to identify what characteristics are most important to them. Utilizing the POINT Survey gives HockeyIQ the final data necessary to complete their Executive Summary and supply you with the most accurate measure of the "goodness of fit" for all the important members of your organization.