The tremendous growth of hockey internationally has accelerated the speed at which the commodities (players) are brought to market. The foundations of player development have suffered greatly and the quality of domestic talent is reflected in the players talent pool. The NHL, NCAA and others now have a wider array of talent to choose from than ever before. However, this growth has outpaced the leagues ability to effectively measure this talent. The average age and development of the players has put a premium on effective means in which to gauge player aptitude as it has become somewhat of a future's market in terms of investing ahead of actual value.

The HockeyIQ Assessment is a scientifically validated personality assessment tool that has been engineered specifically to gauge the personality characteristics of hockey players in order to measure their most critical "intangible" traits. The HockeyIQ has been developed with expertise of hockey professionals to help maximize the hockey relevant information contained within.

HockeyIQ has taken extensive time and engineered 10 Critical Core Dynamics (CCDs) of sports personality which can add percentile certainty to any player evaluation. As a complement to an organizations traditional scouting and statistical analysis, HockeyIQ's Critical Core Dynamics will increase the accuracy in personnel evaluations. Increased accuracy means increased effectiveness and a decrease in wasted expenditure - all leading to a visual improvement in overall performance.

Since our expertise is in sports & personality assessment, we also can help provide solutions for increasing player performance with existent personnel and provide team level analysis which will assist in a deeper understanding of team synergies and effective placement of players.