HockeyIQ has combined talents of renowned psychologists, analytical minds and hockey scouting talent to create a revolutionary new method of analyzing athletes capabilities based off of proven statistical foundation married with key psychology principles. We utilize a number of assessment mechanisms and apply our key principles (based on 30+ years of practicing sports psychology) to assess a players intellectual link to their athletic capability. In doing so we have created a proven and sophisticated method of assessing complete sports relevance of an athlete's personality profile. This combined with advanced technologies and key Silicon Valley talent, HockeyIQ has developed a sophisticated management, delivery and comparison mechanism to deliver to our clients the most comprehensive and understandable solutions for success.

HockeyIQ helps players, teams, coaches and team managers:
  • Improved Performance: Improved performance takes two forms, team and individual player performance. Picking more efficient personnel will increase player performance. Selecting the right mix of players based off of advanced analysis of their true physical and psychological performance value will increase the overall team performance.
  • Improved efficiency: Improved efficiency can be achieved through more effective expenditure on player personnel. The effective use of money to yield winning results, the more efficient, and effective, their budget and payroll will be.
  • Reduction of subjective variables: HockeyIQ can help obtain increased efficiency and player/team performance by reducing the number of subjective variables involved in personnel decision making. HockeyIQ measures the "intangible" mental variables that contribute to player success: work ethic, mental toughness, dominance, etc, by utilizing scientifically validated psychological sports assessment.