The 3 Pillars of Success are the foundation of building a winning team. They are the defining elements that are measured and combined to provide a true assessment of a player's possibility of success on and off the court. It is HockeyIQ's fundamental belief that an athlete's success is derived from the unique interaction of "The 3 Pillars of Success". Taking a look at each Pillar independently gives us an overall snapshot of how a player stacks up against others when only compared on that one dimension.

As part of HockeyIQ's team services, players are profiled against their peers in the three pillars of Physical, Mental, and Environmental. Each pillar of success is based on a bell curve that is a 1 to 10 rating scales that measures 1) PHYSICAL - What can I do athletically, 2) MENTAL- Who am I from a personality perspective, and 3) ENVIRONMENTAL- Where am I doing it. Each of the bell-curves only takes into consideration how basketball players measure against other basketball players.


Pillar 1: PHYSICAL

The PHYSICAL Pillar measures a player's athleticism versus other basketball players. On the athleticism bell-curve, the rating takes into account a player's athleticism rank and his skill level in basketball-specific areas such as shooting, rebounding, passing, etc. Opinion on where a player is positioned on this curve often varies from team to team because each team has its own scouting and evaluation methods. In order to effectively rank a player on the PHYSICAL Pillar, the team requesting a player evaluation will be responsible for ranking players on the "athleticism" curve.

Pillar 2: MENTAL

The MENTAL pillar measures a player's overall mental abilities, which should not be confused with an assessment of intelligence. This MENTAL rating gauges a player's personality both on-court and off-court and measures how a player applies himself to the game in terms of attitude and effort. In the HockeyIQ Assessment, the MENTAL Pillar is broken down into situation-specific categories, known as the Critical Core Dynamics (CCDs).


The ENVIRONMENTAL Pillar measures "goodness of fit" or how well a player matches his team environment. By taking the collective HockeyIQ Assessment scores of all the key personnel in an organization, we are able to gauge whether the key pieces fit the roles they are expected to fulfill. This is a true measure of "team chemistry."

The ENVIRONMENTAL Pillar is broken down into two categories.

  • Internal Factors
    • Team compatibility- if/how does the player fit in with the other players and coaches
    • Organizational compatibility- if/how is the player aligned with the organization's philosophy and goals
  • External Factors
    • Media intensity- how a player reacts or is suited for media attention/scrutiny
    • Fan Pressure- how does a player thrive under the demands of the fan base