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Data Warehousing

Goal: Design a Data infrastructure which is optimized for Reporting and Analysis. Based upon the business requirements that you define, we will design a database Schema which is optimized for your needs.

Data Integration Steps

Data Warehousing Essentials

BITís warehousing services are geared for companies that need to report and perform analysis on data coming from multiple applications and databases which are not practical for reporting and analysis. Many of the systems used today are transactional based (OLTP) which are excellent for storing data quickly, but are not efficient for reporting and analysis.

Our staff works with you to define your reporting goals and requirements and quickly implement a Data mart which can be used to answer the most challenging questions about your operations. We use a proven approach and design a schema based upon best practices and the Kimball Methodology. If necessary, we can also help you decide on the software tools and hardware platform for your Data mart.

In addition to the requirements gathering and documentation, we design a database schema using industry leading tools, and install/configure any ETL processes that may be used to populate the Data Mart/Warehouse and refresh its data in a time interval that is practical for your business. We then test your Data mart to ensure 100% accuracy and optimal performance is achieved.

Besides custom coding, we have extensive consulting experience with various ETL products including:

  • Business Objects Data Integrator
  • Cognos DataManager
  • Informatica PowerMart
  • SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS)
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)
Data Warehousing