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Business Intelligence Consulting

Goal: Help customers make the right BI strategy and implementation decisions with the expertise of Business Intelligence Technologies. With a proven approach, best practices, repeatable processes, tools and techniques we ensure rapid results and a high quality implementation.

Components and Methodologies

BIT provides expert planning, installation, and testing of your new BI application. This includes assisting our clients with requirements gathering through interviews with key constituents, the end users. Our certified business professionals will work with you to understand what the users want, need, and expect. At this phase we also assist with setting realistic expectations and timelines with the user community.

After requirements gathering can assist in installing your BI platform and begin review of your data sources to be used for reporting. At this point we will suggest database tuning and design strategies for optimal performance and analysis.

The next phase includes metadata creation. Regardless of your BI tool set, the user experience is only as good as the semantic layer you create. A good design and layout yields good results and we will work with you to design a database layer that represents your business and its unique processes.

BIT also provides an in depth security review to ensure that all the data and the applications are properly restricted and that ongoing administration is a simple as possible.

A major part of any BI deployment lies in the design of key reports and setting up analysis paths. Our consultants make sure to develop these standard reports so that the tool functionality is used appropriately and the end user experience is a positive one. These key reports can also be used as templates so the customer can continue to extend the deployment on their own.

BIT consultants can also be employed to build an Executive Information System (EIS) to monitor and manage your business without having to look through reams of paper or navigate complex reporting systems. A single screen to view Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) from a web browser greatly simplifies the learning curve for Business Intelligence, which increases the adoption rate and success level of a BI deployment allowing better, more informed decision making to improve the bottom line.

BIT closes all engagements with thorough knowledge transfer sessions to ensure you and your staff are educated on maintaining your BI platform.

BI Consulting