BBIQ Methodology

What Are the BBIQ CCD Measures?

CCD stands for Critical Core DynamicsTM, which are the foundation of the BBIQ Player Report. A CCDTM is made up of multiple primary components, each representing a measurable facet of personality and behavior.

The combinations of these primary components tell a story about an individual by creating a grouping of related behavioral characteristics. That grouping of behavior is what allows for the effective measure of any CCD Category.

Full descriptions of each primary component are listed in the definitions section of each Player Report. This section contains the complete written text of measured behavior.

Every player, coach, or executive that takes the BBIQ Assessment will receive a rating for each of the primary components. The rating that a player, coach, or executive receives in each of the primary components will determine the outcomes of the CCDs.

The CCD behavioral categories are further broken down into On-Court and Off-Court behavior. These subsections were created to separate expected behavior for in-game situations and regular everyday life. The BBIQ Player Report is a composition of all of the elements which make up the Critical Core Dynamics.