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About Quick Connect USA

Quick Connect USA is a progressive telecommunications company providing single source solutions for all the voice and data needs of business customers through its Quick Connect PBXtend voice/data gateway, which allows customers to use their existing or new IP phone systems to gain the benefits/features of Voice Over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP), packaged with email/voice mail, automatic off-site data backup, and much, much more. Quick Connect is headquartered in Clarkston, Michigan (30 miles North of Detroit).

Quick Connect USA was formed by Bruce Yuille and Saul Anuzis in 2001 as a competitive local exchange carrier providing local and long distance telephone service with high-quality customer service. Prior to owning Quick Connect, Mr. Yuille and Mr. Anuzis owned Coast to Coast Telecommunications (formed in 1992), which was sold to Allegiance Telecommunications, a public NASDAQ stock company in 2001. At the time of its sale, Coast to Coast was the largest Michigan based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier devoted to only Michigan consumers in the state of Michigan with annual revenues of $20,000,000 and serviced 25,000 lines. Within 18 months after its creation, Quick Connect was almost half the size of Coast to Coast with 11,000 POTS and Centrex lines.

In 2004, Quick Connect stopped marketing the sale of SBC re-sold UNE-P lines to concentrate on developing its business VoIP line of hardware gateways and services, which Quick started to actively promote in November, 2004. At this time, Quick was the first Michigan-based competitive local exchange carrier to provide VoIP services to multi-line business customers with six lines and above. In just six months, Quick Connect was servicing 2,000 VoIP lines, which is remarkable considering the sale of VoIP business lines has a 120 day longer sales cycle together with a 30-45 day longer install cycle than UNE-P.

Quick Connect's flagship product is the unique PBXtend gateway, which services the 5-50 IP phone station market in the most cost-efficient and feature-rich manner in the state. Each solution is customized for the customer and traditional gateway interfaces such as Cisco and Ad Tran, along with traditional channel banks are often used.